DATE: 02/03/2024


TEXT: 1Sam 30:8, Ps 18:37, Mt 12:29

Let’s appreciate God for the grace to be alive, Hale and healthy and for the privilege to see another month. 

Let’s ask for the spirit of grace and supplication, ability, unction and power for prayers.

Let’s rebuke every demonic intervention, prevention, interference right now in Jesus name.

I receive restoration with compensation for every stolen blessing now in Jesus name.

Wherever my blessings have been kept I command them to come forth for me now in Jesus name.

Every strongman or woman assigned as keeper of the blessing receive fire and thunder in Jesus name 

Every periodic stealing taking place in my life is terminated today in Jesus name 

Every monthly sorrow, sadness, affliction of the devil is totally destroyed in my life now in Jesus name.

Every voice speaking “no way” and impossibility into my life and destiny is destroyed and finally silenced forever in Jesus name.

Abraham recovered all, David recovered all, the Lord Jesus recovered all therefore I too recover all that has been confiscated, stolen, hidden in Jesus name.

I recover all my confiscated and stolen properties, in Jesus’ name.
I bind every strongman holding my privileges and rights captive, in the name of Jesus.
I retrieve all properties from the satanic banks, in Jesus’ name.
I possess all my possessions, in the name of Jesus.
Lord, restore sevenfold, everything that spiritual thieves have stolen from me.
I bind every spirit sitting on my possession, in the name of Jesus.
Let all the demonic obstacles that have been established in the heart of . . .against my prosperity be
destroyed, in Jesus’ name.
I command my money being caged by the enemy to be completely released, in the name of Jesus.
Let the riches of the Gentiles be transferred to me, in Jesus’ name
I recover my blessings from water, forest and satanic banks, in the name of Jesus.
Every stolen and satanically transferred virtues, be restored, in the name of Jesus.
Any power sitting on an evil mat against my prosperity, falls down and dies, in the name of Jesus.
I decree that the angels of prosperity would withdraw the riches of the ungodly and transfer them to me, in the name of Jesus.
Every past and present satanically diverted money, rush back to my bosom, in the name of Jesus Every power that is closing or challenging the source of my blessings be paralyzed in Jesus name

Thou the source of blessings and breakthrough of life be opened unto me without measure in Jesus name.

The brook where Elijah was drinking from dried up because of drought. Thou the source of blessings you shall not dry up in Jesus name

The blessings of God will flow ceaselessly and easily to me without any struggling In Jesus name

The Lord will increase me and comfort greatly on every side In Jesus name

Every demonic blanket or covering spread over my life’s destiny or heavens be broken and receive fire in Jesus name

The angel of God released the apostles from the prison, I receive angelic assistance, angelic intervention, and angelic ministration in Jesus name

Power for wealth anointing for financial prosperity, power for a lack free life, is upon me now in Jesus name.

Jericho was shut down because of Israel, every place shut down on account of my life be opened up by fire in Jesus name.

Every man-made siege, demonic siege against my source of breakthrough be broken by the fire of the Lord rights away in Jesus name

Every agreement of devils with principalities in my father’s house and mother’s house be destroyed now in Jesus name.

I decree that I shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for trouble in Jesus name.

This month I decree open door, open heaven in Jesus name.

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