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  1. Let’s us appreciate God for His mercy, grace, opportunity and privilege to gather together via technology
  2. Let’s declare the efficacy of the blood that cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Let’s declare that we are washed, cleansed and purified by the blood
  3. Shall we receive the spirit of grace and intercession for prayers. May the ability, power and anointing for prayers come on all of us.
  4. Let’s come against the spirit of slumber, territorial devils and paralyzed every militating power against our prayers in Jesus’ name.
  5. In this year 2023, I receive power and anointing for high favour in Jesus name.
  6. I declare right now that the yoke and curse of disfavour, disappointments and frustration be broken upon my life in Jesus’ name.
  7. I decree and declare that this year 2023 the favour of God will locate me and take me from where I am and establish me where I should be in Jesus’ name.
  8. In this year 2023 I receive baptism of favour that deliver into my hands blessings that are naturally greater than me
  9. I decree that this year I receive a baptism of favour that will place me over and above my competitors and equals.
  10. I decree and declare that this year 2023 the favour of God will direct my steps to the place of blessings, the place where breakthroughs are waiting for me.
  11. In this year 2023 I declare that the favour of God will direct my steps away from where evils and tragedies are waiting for people in Jesus name.
  12. I declare and decree that this year I receive that favour that qualifies me and disqualifies my competitors in Jesus name.
  13. The Bible says and the child grew and obtained favour in the sight of God and man, this year I shall obtain unusual favour in the sight of God and fellowmen in Jesus name.
  14. Let the Lord turn around every evil intention of the enemy into favour for me in Jesus name
  15. In this year 2023 I become the object of favour, I attract favour and favour is bestowed on me in Jesus’ name.
  16. Every destiny helper assigned to me this year shall locate me and fulfill the heaven’s mandate in Jesus name.
  17. I prophesy that this year I will be in the right place and at the right time for favour in Jesus’ name.
  18. I decree and declare that I will not lose favour in the sight of my helpers, I shall be greatly assisted in Jesus name.
  19. I decree and declare that I shall be favourably disposed to by all men I have contact with this year. My boss, neighbour, friends, church members, colleagues, associates and customers shall favour me.
  20. I declare that this year is my due time for good job, marriage, oversea travelling, business, ministry and glory in all other areas of life in Jesus name.
  21. Pray for a notable miracle and Dominion chapel
  22. Let’s give God thanks for answered prayers.

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