1. Thank God for His protection, preservation, provision, sustenance and care from the beginning of the year hitherto
  2. Thank God for who He is, what He can do and what He has done
  3. Appropriate the blood of Jesus upon your life for the cleansing of filthiness of the body and soul. Release the blood against errors, guilt, accusation and condemnation of the devil
  4. Thank God for the coming year 2023 because you will see the beginning and the ending of the year.
  5. Thank God that the year 2023 will not be an empty year in your life. It will be a sorrow- free, lack-free and struggle-free year for you in Jesus name.
  6. Thank God because you shall live in a perfect and sound health through the year 2023. You shall not die nor suffer loss in the year.
  7. Thank God because the year 2023 will be your year of divine announcement, bountiful release, great restoration and recovery
  8. Fire for purity, holiness, sanctification and consecration to God throughout the year 2023 fall upon me today
  9. In the year 2023 I shall not be lukewarm, I shall not backslide, I shall not faint, I shall not be tired, I shall not be spiritually cold or weak in Jesus name.
  10. In the year 2023 I shall love God, serve Him and live for Him. Sin shall not have dominion over me nor find a conducive abode in me throughout the year
  11. I overcame the devil and his cohorts and all their attacks against my life in the year 2023 in Jesus name.
  12. As I enter the year 2023, Oh thou Goliath of my life collapses and falls by fire and thunder in Jesus name.
  13. As I enter the year 2023 every demonic champion of my life, thou the principality behind my problems, you shall be paralyzed and perish out of my life in Jesus name.
  14. Every enemy that signed a covenant of death and life over my life, as I enter the year 2023 you shall be roasted by fire and your covenant shall be annulled.
  15. Every one that gathers together against my life and destiny in the year 2023 shall fall for my sake in Jesus name.
  16. Every enchantment, incantation and divination against my life and destiny in the year 2023 backfire and go back to sender, you shall have no effect upon my life and destiny in Jesus name.
  17. Every evil counsel, decision, agreement and discussion that will be taken against my life and destiny in 2023 shall be annulled and cancelled by fire in Jesus name.
  18. In the year 2023 I shall pursue my enemies, I shall overtake them, I shall destroy them, they shall turn their back against me and they shall not be able to stand before me in Jesus name.
  19. I receive today power and anointing for continual motion and progress throughout the year 2023 in Jesus name.
  20. Every Red sea, every Jordan river ahead of me divides and dries up, every wall of Jericho surrounding my life and my destiny, crumbles by fire in Jesus name.
  21. As I enter the year 2023, I receive power for uncommon liftings, divine promotions and supernatural emplacement in Jesus name.
  22. I decree and prophesy that in the year 2023 I shall be head not tail, I shall be above, I shall not be beneath in all areas of my life in Jesus name.
  23. I prophesy that in the year 2023 I shall receive the lifting and exaltation that will glorify and advertise God, that will disgrace and humiliate Satan in all areas of my life in Jesus name.
  24. In the year 2023 I shall break record in achievement, I shall lay hold to tangible, speaking achievements in Jesus name.
  25. As I enter the year 2023 I shall become a focus, an attention, an envy and a reference in my world. I refused to be despised and resisted in the name of Jesus.
  26. As I enter 2023 I receive power and anointing for high favour. The favour of God shall locate me and take me from where I am and establish me where I should be in Jesus name.
  27. As I step into year 2023 the favour of God will direct my steps to the place of blessings, the place where breakthroughs are waiting for me
  28. As I enter 2023 my long-awaited dreams come to pass, my long expectations manifest and my heart desire granted in Jesus name.
  29. In 2023 I shall celebrate, rejoice, I shall not suffer loss of life and properties.
  30. Pray for Dominion Chapel and appreciate God for prayers answered.

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