DATE: 12/11/22

TIME: 00:00 HRS



Act 4:16 KJV Saying, What shall we do to these men? for that indeed a notable miracle hath been done by them is manifest to all them that dwell in Jerusalem; and we cannot deny it.

The word notable is defined by the dictionary as: Worthy of note; remarkable; memorable; noted or distinguished. Easily noted (without connotations of value); clearly noticeable, conspicuous. That can be observed


1. Thank God for His mercies and protections. Appreciate Him for the gift of life. Sing praises and worship His majesty. 

2. The Bible says the blood of Jesus cleanses us from every unrighteousness. Lets ask for purification of our body and soul from every defilement through thoughts, words of mouth and evil speaking.

3. Let us come against every satanic force assigned against this night midnight prayers, that the power of God will paralyze them.

4. Oh Lord let the Spirit of intercession, anointing for prayers, ability and uncommon strength for prayers come upon me in Jesus name.

5. I want us to make a positive declaration of who we are in Christ Jesus. Say, “the ability of God is upon me”, “His Spirit is in me”, “I am able”, “I am victorious in Jesus name”.

6. I break the curse of dis-help and misfortune upon my life and destiny in Jesus name

7. As the year is coming to the end, i receive help against my problems, against my stubborn enemies and against my impossibilities

8. I receive anointing for divine contact, divine connection and divine arrangement in Jesus name.

9. I prophesy and decree that I shall not be stranded, derailed and delayed in Jesus name.

10. I decree that every yoke of struggling financially is broken over my life in Jesus name

11.They stopped the well that Isaac dug several times. Every power that want to stop the source of my blessing be destroyed in Jesus name

12. Every power challenging my existence and source of my blessing be confused and consumed in Jesus name.

13. I decree that the source of blessings and breakthroughs is opened now in Jesus name.

14. I command doors of prosperity, abundance and favour to be opened over my life in Jesus name.

15. I shut down every door of misfortune, wastage of resources and satanic devourers in Jesus name.

16. from now henceforth, sources of my blessing and blessings of God shall flow ceaselessly and easily to me in Jesus name.

17.let the favour of God direct me to the place of blessings and where blessing is waiting for me. Oh lord order my steps in Jesus name.

18. Every yoke sweating, labouring and toiling without results, be broken and consumed from my life in Jesus name.

19. Every yoke, cause of confusion, frustration and disappointments of life be annulled, broken and terminated from my life in Jesus name.

20. Elijah was divinely supplied by birds. I receive miracle supplies, financial miracles and miracle money in Jesus name.

21.God used Birds to bring food for Elijah. Every man that has been assigned to be my helpers shall locate me in Jesus name.

22. Every diverter of help and resources be wasted from my life in Jesus name.

23. I loose my money and everything that belongs to me. Money for projects, marriage, business and traveling be loosed in Jesus name.

24. Every yoke of limitations and embargo placed over my destiny, life, income and resources be lifted by fire in Jesus name.

25. God told Moses to tell them to go forward. I receive power for upward and continuous movement in every area of life in Jesus name.

26. Let every spirit of debt and financial blockage be rendered impotent for my sake, in the name of Jesus.

27. O Lord, bring honey out of the rock for me and let me find the way where men say there is no way.

28. O Lord, teach me the divine secret of prosperity. I receive power for wealth, ideas for lucrative jobs and business. Let my eyes and mind be opened to receive them.

29. Let us begin to pray for all mothers in Israel for notable miraculous conception. The Lord enabled the people in the Bible, let God enabled them.

30. He said none shall cast their young. Lets us pray against power and spirit that causes miscarriage and abortion.

31. As they conceive, let the power of God sustain them and keep them.

32. Whatever strategy, power, words of enemy, counsel and ability of the devil working against them be annulled and destroyed.

33. By His stripes, we are healed. Let healing flow now into everyone sick or people that have been diagnosed with one ailment or the other.

34. Thank God for answers to our prayers.

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