Cross over to take over

There were two major cross over instances recorded in the Bible. There were others but these were the major significant ones. I will be making comparison and contrast and how it is applicable to the New Testament believers.
The people of God had been in captivity of the Egyptians for many year and God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go but for a considerable number of time Pharaoh will not.
Whatever is holding on to any man here saying he will not let you go will go down for you in Jesus name.
Eventually Pharaoh let them go but changed his mind to put them back into slavery and so he sent his chariots and horsemen to bring them back.
When they left Egypt, God took them by the way of Red sea, the Egyptians were coming after them while the red sea was before them. They cried unto Moses and Moses cried unto God,
They were trapped between the host of Egyptian and red sea

Exo 14:13-21 KJV 13 And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. 14 The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. 15 And the LORD said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward: 16 But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea. 17 And I, behold, I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians, and they shall follow them: and I will get me honour upon Pharaoh, and upon all his host, upon his chariots, and upon his horsemen. 18 And the Egyptians shall know that I am the LORD, when I have gotten me honour upon Pharaoh, upon his chariots, and upon his horsemen. 19 And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them: 20 And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night. 21 And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.

God asked Moses to stretch forth his hand and when he did, God caused the sea to separate and divide and they went on dry land. The Egyptian pursued them into the sea but they didn’t come to the other side. They perished in the sea.
Every Egyptian that has pursued any man up till this time shall not cross over with you in Jesus name.
As the Egyptian horses and chariots perish in the red sea so also every chariots and horse men that pursue anyone up to today shall perish in Jesus name. Every sickness, every delay, every trouble, every affliction, every tears, every sorrow, every evil, every attack shall not cross over with you in Jesus name.
They were in the desert for a period of 38-40years and now Moses and many elders that witnessed the first cross over had died, they were now close to the promised land. Moses saw the promised land but could not reach there. Every yoke of almost is broken in Jesus name.

God asked them to separates and sanctify themselves in anticipation of what He wanted to do. They were to give 2000 cubits distance between them and the ark of God carried by the priest. The reason been that they have not embark on that journey before, they don’t know the way to go they had to rely on the ark which was the physical representation of the presence of God.
Just as we too have not seeing the coming year 2021 before and we don’t how it look like except for the fact that we have spoken to it, set the time for things to happen, when they will and how they will happen if you joined us for the prayer time.
The Lord told Joshua to sanctify the people and prepared them for crossing over and He gave the instructions on what to do.

Jos 3:14-17 KJV 14 And it came to pass, when the people removed from their tents, to pass over Jordan, and the priests bearing the ark of the covenant before the people; 15 And as they that bare the ark were come unto Jordan, and the feet of the priests that bare the ark were dipped in the brim of the water, (for Jordan overfloweth all his banks all the time of harvest,) 16 That the waters which came down from above stood and rose up upon an heap very far from the city Adam, that is beside Zaretan: and those that came down toward the sea of the plain, even the salt sea, failed, and were cut off: and the people passed over right against Jericho. 17 And the priests that bare the ark of the covenant of the LORD stood firm on dry ground in the midst of Jordan, and all the Israelites passed over on dry ground, until all the people were passed clean over Jordan.

The instruction this time around was that when the feet of the priest carrying the ark dip into the water, it will separates and exactly that was what happened. As soon as their feet enters into the bank of the river, it separated for them and they went through on the dry land.
As we step into 2021, every barrier, obstacles, hindrances will give way in Jesus name.
Whatever has hindered anyone here from achieving his or her goal for 2020, shall perish before you in Jesus name.


    In Exodus God asked Moses to stretch his his rod over the sea and when he did, God caused wind to blow the water separately but here at Jordan, God asked the priest to step into the water and when they did the water parted. That barrier is parting today.
    The Jordan river separates between them and the promised land.
    Mark this importance. The first cross over separated them from Egypt and their enemies and delivered them into the wilderness
    The second cross over separates them from wilderness into promised land.
    He made first a way for them through the Red Sea, by which Israel was separated from Egypt and from their enemies. The passage of Jordan separated them from the wilderness and brought them into the land.
    Ladies and gentlemen, there are many people that are crossing over tonight into the wilderness but for some of us, we are crossing over into our possession in Jesus name.
    The River Jordan divided the people from the promised land. To be in the land, Jordan had to be crossed. Jordan, overflowing all its banks at that time (verse 15), rolled its dark waters between them and their God-given possession. Only the power of God could bring them through those dark waters. It was a miracle which took place, when a way was opened and “the waters which came down from above stood and rose up upon an heap … and those that came down toward the sea of the plain, even the salt-sea, failed and were cut off” (verse 16). Unbelief has always branded this miracle as a legend.
    When they crossed over in Exodus, they crossed into desert where they stayed for three days without water

Exo 15:22-23 KJV 22 So Moses brought Israel from the Red sea, and they went out into the wilderness of Shur; and they went three days in the wilderness, and found no water. 23 And when they came to Marah, they could not drink of the waters of Marah, for they were bitter: therefore the name of it was called Marah.

As yu crossed over may you not cross over into marah, may you not cross over into sorrow in Jesus name
But when they crossed over in the book of Joshua, they crossed over into the barley harvest.
At the time of harvest. Barley harvest. Compare Lev 23:10 . So that the Israelites were brought into the land at the best time. And “herein is that saying true, One soweth, and another reapeth.” Joh 4:37
Hear this, they didn’t plant the barley but when they crossed over it was at the Barley harvest time and not the wheat harvest and they started eating what they didn’t labour for.
As we cross over, what you have not labour for shall come your ways in Jesus name. The job you didn’t applied for shall be given to you. The business you did not quote or beg for shall be delivered unto you in Jesus name.
You may not get that prayer very well, the only way you can eat crops that you did not plant is when you are a poor person. God made a law that when they reap harvest of their land they should not completely reap everything but should leave the edges for widow, fatherless, and the poor.

Lev 19:9-10 KJV 9 And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not wholly reap the corners of thy field, neither shalt thou gather the gleanings of thy harvest. 10 And thou shalt not glean thy vineyard, neither shalt thou gather every grape of thy vineyard; thou shalt leave them for the poor and stranger: I am the LORD your God.

So if you don’t fall into these categories of poor, strangers and fatherless and you are plucking things you will be arrested as a thief.
But here we have them crossing over into other people’s harvest, they fulfilled prophecy. God had told them that He will bring them into the land they did not plant,

Deu 6:10-11 KJV 10 And it shall be, when the LORD thy God shall have brought thee into the land which he sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give thee great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not, 11 And houses full of all good things, which thou filledst not, and wells digged, which thou diggedst not, vineyards and olive trees, which thou plantedst not; when thou shalt have eaten and be full;

in 2021, may grace speak for you.
Jesus said in John 4 that i sent you into the harvest what you have not planted,

Joh 4:38 KJV I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.

This coming year, the blessing you don’t deserve receive them in Jesus name.

    While in the wilderness they were feeding on one food day and night which was Manna but when they crossed over they started feeding on varieties, Manna even stopped. Not only were they reaping what they didn’t planted but they were feeding on varieties of things. Psalm 103 says He satisfy our mouth with good things, as you cross over may this be our experiences in Jesus name.
    In Exodus when they crossed over, they enter into wilderness to start roaming around but when they crossed over in Joshua, they crossed over against Jericho, they took over Jericho not withstanding the wall round about Jericho. They started possessing the lands they were promised.
    As you cross over you are taking over your own Jericho in Jesus name. You are taking over your rightful position in Jesus name.
    The two cross over represents the passage of a Christian from death to life. We have been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the marvelous dear Son Col : 12-13
    Col 1:13 KJV Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
    The priest were carrying the ark which was the physical representation of the presence of God. Under the New Covenant, we are the priest of God Rev 1: 5 and we don’t carry visible ark representing God but rather we carry God Himself in us. Therefore as we step into 2021, the Red sea shall part, the Jordan sea shall part way in Jesus name. Jesus is Emmanuel. therefore we carry God Almighty into 2021, we carry power, we carry anointing and we carry glory in Jesus name.

Prophetic declarations
Num 14:28 KJV Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you:
To the children of Israel, they prophesied negatively and God said He will do to them as they have spoken in His hear. We when we speak positively, He will do the same.

Isa 65:24 KJV And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.
We should all prophesy

1Co 14:5 KJV I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied: for greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues, except he interpret, that the church may receive edifying.

We speak into the year what our expectations are. Make it your year, make it the year you will carry your miracle, drive your car, build your own house, grow spiritually, possess your possession, travel out of the country, start the business, let be your year of outstanding success, uncommon favour, sweat-less victories on all side, your year of advancement, opportunities, breakthrough, let it be your year of overcoming, effortless increase, marriage and fruitfulness.
Pray prophetically, set dates for important event you aspire to achieve. Command rivers of Jordan to separate, Red sea to separate before you as you enter 2021.Loose your own blessings now, set them free.